Saturday, October 19, 2013

Opinion - Fashions for mesh breasts and booty...

I don't understand the tendency in sl for fashion, especially clothing made for mesh breasts and booty, to lean towards "coochie cutter" type shorts and torn fishnet tops.

Don't get me wrong, I like those things from time to time too. And I'm not adding any labels to you if you like wearing that sort of outfit. More power to you.

And yet, maybe it's my age showing, but I want to dress like a regular adult in sl. I want to dress how I might dress in real life if I was 30 years younger and had the body my avatar does. *laughs*

And that means simple nice looking outfits. Sure I want to show off my cleavage or my booty, but I don't necessarily have to do that with actually showing nipple or butt crack. I know different people have different relationships or viewpoints about their avatar.

But for me, my avatar is ME. Maybe she doesn't look like me but nevertheless she's ME. She's ME 2.0. How I would look in a perfect world without the side effects of illness or depression or aging.

And because she's me, I want her to be dressed in a way that I would really dress in that same perfect world with virtually unlimited spending money etc at my disposal.

So I don't want jeans showing half my butt crack. (I don't get the point of those, if you wanted to show off your butt crack why are you wearing jeans to begin with?)  Don't get me wrong, I love my phat azz and my butt crack but I just don't have a burning need to show that much of them to all and sundry.

And the same goes for my boobs. I loved my Tangos and I love my Mirages even more. But I don't need to show nipple when I'm just walking around shopping, okay?

And another thing, I'm not seeing very many skirts that could actually be called a skirt unless it's mesh and for me, mesh clothing sort of defeats the point of my having my lovely attachments in the first place. (and while I'm talking about mesh, someone needs to add a third clothing layer to these boobs and butt, that you can apply an alpha layer to just like you would wear one, it would be over the skin layer. It would make it much much easier to wear mesh clothing without having to take off your boobs or butt first.)

I want a skirt that you know, actually looks like a skirt and not a body suit, please and thank you. And since you need clothing layer clothes for phat azz anyway... where are all the flexi skirts? Or a mix of flexi and mesh? Or a mix of sculpt and flexi?

I know that Sn@tch clothing in the past made some beautiful sculpt/flexi skirts that work very well but sadly, Ivey has announced she won't be making appliers for Phat Azz (oh so sad) for personal reasons. *sigh*

But come on ya'll? Surely somebody besides me wants a mixed mesh/flexi type skirt? Yes/yes?

This has been an opinion. See disclaimer before you get your pixel panties in a bunch, please.

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