Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Garden...petals picks aka wishlist

These are my two picks of things I didn't or felt like I couldn't buy at this time at The Garden. The quality of everything seemed amazing and I bought a lot of little dribs and drabs of things as I'm trying to set up my sl home for the rest of autumn and into winter.

The first of these is this amazing kitchen set by Cheeky Pea. Cheeky Pea continues to impress and delight me with their lovely creations. This one is no exception. It's called the Yukon Full Kitchen.

Each piece is fully animated. There's a kneading and a making bread animation. Washing dishes, washing hands, and a few just standing around poses on the kitchen part. On the island part, there's animations for talking, eating, drinking and cooking. There's also cuddle poses and in the adult version also sex poses. My picture does it no justice so I really recommend you go and see it for yourself.  Cheeky Pea - Yukon Kitchen (url opens in new window)

My other pick and I'm metaphorically weeping over it is the gorgeous Bozeman Barn by Barnesworth Anubis. Why am I weeping? Cause I just bought their equally beautiful home which is available at Colabor88. If I had known about this one first, I would have chosen this one instead as it's more in theme for the kind of fall atmosphere I want. I digress. Again my single pic in no way does this baby justice and you should really go see it for yourself. It has a fireplace open on both sides opening into both the living area and what I would call the den which also happens to be surrounded by windows. It has a room that would work well as a den though it's decorated with other The Garden items as a bedroom downstairs, plus a second bedroom/den/playroom/child's room downstairs as well. You can also see the Yukon kitchen in situ inside the Barn and there's also a loft area upstairs which I personally would make the master bedroom. It's a lovely build.

Barnesworth Anubis - The Bozeman Barn (link opens in new windows)

I can't really justify the purchase of these two items which is why I'm calling them my picks or wishlist items but I also really think these are two very stand out items at the event. Don't take that to mean the other things aren't amazing because they are. I purchased a lot of small things like a fireplace set from Mudhoney and furniture items from Bauwerk, Kuro and Culprit and I'm severely tempted by the set from lame as well.

Thanks for reading, Petal

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