Fresh Eyes

Recently someone asked me if after four years in SL, could I still look at it with fresh eyes. I don't remember the exact way they phrased it but that's what I remember about the question.

I thought at the time it was an odd question, but now maybe I feel it's not quite that odd after all .

I think that I've had my faith in the ultimate goodness of people severely tested. I've sure run into some scalliwags and hooligans and just plain mean ass people in my time here on SL.

But that's also true in real life.

As I said on a recent post that I feel online, especially something like Second Life really magnifies certain things about people, myself included.

Some people get online and act as if it's a playground where it doesn't matter what they say or do, it doesn't matter if someone gets hurt or offended by how they behave because it's "only the internet". In addition there's a group of people who seem to start out cynical and chide us all for what we say or do that's left in print for someone else to read. "What do we expect?" they ask. "It's the internet."

But what I feel is that saying it's the internet is kind of like saying "Here's your nose." Yes we all have a nose and we all know we're on the internet. But as far I'm concerned, good manners, courtesy, kindness, compassion, warmth - those words have meaning whether I'm at the grocery story or online or in outer space.

So, in some ways, yes I have a jaded outlook on Second Life. I've been hurt. I've cried as hard over things that happened in SL as over things that happened in my living room...maybe harder. But - and it's a big but... I still see the wonder of Second Life. I enjoy seeing all the things that are created out of the human mind and intuition. I am proud at the generosity I often see around me.

And my life situation has not changed over the last four years, except to get gradually steadily worse as my health goes down hill and as I get older. I still have anxiety, I still feel agoraphobic, I still have mobility issues, I still have sleep issues. Being able to go online, being able to go into second life and find something to do, someone to talk to, something to look at... those things are still crutches in my life.

Long story made short... of course I can keep looking at Second Life with Fresh Eyes. There's always new things to see, experience, and yeah, to buy too. :)

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