Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lilies of the field - Quick Post

This one's gonna be a bit quick since I haven't had a lot of time lately but I did want to show you this look because it includes the really beautiful Cara skin from Zoul. Cara was offered at Skin Fair and I'm not sure she is available yet in the main store.

Look at her face! At least on me, I find her so elegant and self assured, she seems like a woman for the ages. The skin pack contains eyebrow variations, cleavage variations,  eyeshadows and lipsticks. I am wearing the #1 eyeshadow from the pack but my lipstick is from Blacklace Beauty.

The only thing about the skin I am not completely a fan of is the brows on the skin itself. They are a bit thick for my taste. That's okay though because the creator has thoughtfully included a no brow version and I am wearing that with a set of brow from a former TDR offer from YS & YS. The skin was called Rebecca and this is the dark brown brow.

I'm wearing Cara in tone 4 which is a little darker than my usual skin choices but this skin just seemed to demand a really bronzed look.

Appliers for Slink hands and feet, Lolas and Phat Azz are available separately in store.

My hair is an older style from Calico, called Monique and it comes with the included Lilies. The flowers are scripted for lots of texture change options.I'm wearing the hair in Mocha with a hairbase from Action, hairbase 01 also in Mocha.  I thought the soft curls and flowers went well with the skin's unique beauty.

My necklace and earrings are from Beloved Jewelry. I honestly do not remember when I bought these so I'm sure it's been a while ago. They are the Strands of Beads Necklace and Earrings, and the beads are scripted for texture change.

My bracelets are from Ryca, They are the ICED bangles in Platinum, scripted for resize.

Finally my pretty off the shoulder blouse is part of a set from Sugar & Cyanide, a former Lazy Sunday offering called Zebra Chic. It is mesh and does come with an applier for Lolas. I did have a little trouble getting the two, breasts and top, to work well together but perseverance paid off and I got it to look pretty good.

Here's my attempt at a more artistic version of my first shot -

Here's the details, I'm not going to bother to separate it all, you all know how I roll, lol. All slurls either here or above for your buying pleasure :D

Mesh hands by Slink
Mesh breasts by Lola - Mirage
Mesh lashes by Mon Cheri
Mesh eyes by Ikon - these are from the Promise collection but I switched to Dune rather than my usual Glass or Starfall.

Skin by Zoul, Cara in Tone 4, worn with the 01 eyeshadow included. Hopefully in the main shop soon.
Hair by Calico, Monique in Mocha worn with included Lilies

Moles tattoo layer by PXL
Lipgloss tattoo layer - Tender Kisses in Peach by Blacklace Beauty
Brow tattoo layer by YS & YS
Hairbase tattoo - Action Hairbase 01 Mocha

Blouse by Sugar & Cyanide, part of the Zebra Chic set

Bracelets by RYCA - Iced in Platinum
Necklace and Earrings by Beloved Jewelry, Beaded Strands

Nail Polish applier by ZoZ - available at Designer Circle, Spring 2014 Silver

Poses by Ploom.
Backdrop by Katink, April Showers Bring May Flowers

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