Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little Spring Time

I managed to get into Fameshed and wanted to show you possibly my favorite outfit from the event this round. Mutresse has been steadily making a name for itself with beautiful mesh clothing items with lots of options and this spring time fresh outfit is no exception to that rule.

If you are not familiar with Fameshed,(website link) - then you are in for a treat, a chance to see some of the top mesh designers doing their thing. There are clothing items, shoes, hair, jewelry and also home decor and furniture items. They are sold at regular price  however, so don't expect a discount.

Mutresse is offering this adorable pair of shorts and tank, sold separately, this round. They are, as you can see, made to wear together. You actually get two versions of the shorts, one for wear with the tank and one for wearing with other things or by itself. Both clothing pieces come with a hud that allow for color, metal changes etc. The one for the tank is especially detailed, the little knots of the shirt can be changed independently as can the pretty embroidery on the bodice and the lace trim on the hem.

I am not a huge mesh clothing fan but I just really loved this set for some reason. It is very much like something I would wear in real life on a spring day.

The bag I'm carrying is by Je Suis and the animation inside animates only the right hand which makes it very usable with poses or with an ao.

The bag comes with the accessories you can see there, scarf, lotion, sunglasses etc, and is resizable via script if you so desire.

I am also wearing a pair of wedge flip flops which I picked up at Reign this past weekend as part of the Saturday sale. I checked this morning and they were still there but I can't promise that is the case now, at least not for 75L. These are pink but they also are available in a few other colors, made for Slink Medium bare feet.

The embroidery on this top is so realistic, just wonderful!

I am wearing another hair by Emo-tions, the Lora hair which consists of the included hairbase and the braided and curly hair. I thought it was perfect for a casual morning walk or such. It comes with the bands in black but I just did a little retexturing magic to make them pink using a patent leather texture I had in inventory.  (Right click, edit, edit linked prims, very carefully select only the parts you want to change, go to texture tab, select texture etc. I suggest if you try this on something of yours to always make a copy first, just in case. I did, and I've been building and such for a long time now)

I am also wearing more jewelry from Earthstones - this is the "Simply Put" Jewelry set in Amethyst. I was a little sad that there's no Rose Quartz or Tourmaline in this set that would have matched a little better but I think the amethyst is quite nice and not too matchy. I'm also wearing the Zaia hand bracelets I showed you yesterday, this time in MoonstoneAmethyst, also from Earthstones.

I'm still wearing the gorgy face Jade skin in Sunkissed by PXL. I have tons of skins I bought at Skin Fair but this one is hard to take off!  This is the petal pink version.

Here's another peek at the cute wedges I'm wearing. I normally don't like to just show feet but, it's how it turned out this time, lol.

Also want to give a quick little shout out to Hello Dave, nail polish appliers. I'm wearing a polish on both fingers and toes from the Spring Mix set.

And that's it. Fameshed is open for this round until almost the end of April - I'm not sure of the exact date. After that the Mutresse tank and shorts will be at the main store, link above.

Mesh hands - Casual and Mesh feet - Medium by Slink
Mesh lashes - Falsies Set 1 by Mon Cheri
Mesh Eyes - Promise Collection - Starfall by Ikon
Shape - Kallie by Belissima - Much Modified

 Skin - Jade in Sunkissed by PXL - Skinfair2014 set, pink petal
Hair - Lora - Naturals - by Emo-tions (see slurls above)

Nadya Tank Top - available at Fameshed (see link above) by Mutresse
Guzia Shorts - available at Fameshed, (see slurl above) by Mutresse
Wedge Flip Flop in Pink for Slink Medium Feet by Reign - See slurl above

Necklace and Earrings - Simply Put set in Amethyst by Earthstones - see slurl above
Slave Bracelets/Hand Bracelets - Zaia in Moonstone/Amethyst for Slink Casual hands - see slurl above
Polish appliers for hands and feet  - Spring Mix by Hello Dave - see slurl above
Bag - Prete - Striped Pink by Je Suis

Poses by Ploom, assorted sets
Backdrop by Katink, part of the April Showers set.

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