Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lovely's Profile Shot & Life

Hey everyone... I've been a bit quiet,  I know. I have some posts coming up but, nothing is really ready to be posted yet. I'm in one of those moods. I redid my profile and a friend of mine asked me to do a profile shot for her. Thought maybe I'd show you all.

Here's the before/after composite.

I did a little bit of Liquify, some work on her hair and hairline, a little skin smoothing, some lighting adjustments and some shadows etc.. Her name is Lovely.  I'm still not quite satisfied with her hair and may mess with it some more before I'm totally finished

Her skin is from Al Vulo - Mimi in milky, hair by Catwa, necklace and earrings by Gossamer jewelry, top is by Sn@tch.

Here's how it looks at the moment.

I'm no great photographer or photo editor like some of our artists in SL but I think not too shabby.

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