Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rings on her fingers, bells on her toes...

And she shall have music wherever she goes....

I honestly am not even sure where to start with this post, so I guess I'll start here with this amazing skin from PXL. It's been a long time since I've loved a skin from PXL, but this one I really honestly do. 

This is Jade in Sunkissed and is part of the special skin set that was offered at Skin Fair.  The set came with four make ups, a plethora of eyebrow, lipgloss and other types of tattoo layers etc. This is the petal pink, and believe it or not, I haven't added one thing to it other than the moles that come with it. That is how much I love this skin. She is so very pretty, elegant, charismatic, just ... as  I said above, amazing in my opinion.

I missed "Mesh Tuesday" yesterday but I decided to go ahead with my planned post, so here's the beautiful and interesting "Rome's Messenger" mesh dress from Soedara. When I grabbed it yesterday, this color, in a set with a black version was offered at 75L. I don't know if that offer is still good.

I don't know much about ancient roman costume other than what I've seen in movies but this seems to me a reasonable facsimile of a roman toga, especially of a young and pretty servant girl.  It's simple and yet full of little details like the wrinkles on the bodice and the shadows of the skirt.I do recommend you wear a pair of system panties if you are feeling a bit modest, as I was.

 This post is partially inspired by two relatively new releases. The new hand bracelets  from Earthstones called Zaia, which come in sets for either the Slink Casual or Elegant hands, is one of them. They are metal change and you can purchase a fatpack of stone choices or single options. This is the quartz version with gold metals to match the toga. Back in the day I was a huge fan of their older versions of slave bracelets so these made me incredibly happy.

The other item is these jeweled shoes by Sax Shepherd Designs. They are called Mata Hari. I bought the Leather Basics Pack and the hud included offers jewel choices, leather choices, sole choices and metal change. They are made for Slink feet and as you can see, absolutely gorgeous.

My hair is the Daisy style from Emo-tions and a click of the hair lets you decide whether to show the daisies and metal decorations or not. It's such a pretty style and suitable for all kinds of styles. I do wish that the metals and daisies were texture change but that's just me loving to have choices. It's a wonderful hair just like it is. It includes a hair base to make the look finished.

My jewelry is from Maxi Gossamer, and I chose the Karina Court necklace and earrings because the style sort of matches the look of the hand bracelets. They are texture change and metal change and if you notice in a couple of my shots like a boob I missed changing one earring. I used the gold/white settings to also match the hand bracelets.

I'm sure most servant girls of Rome were not so bedecked with jewels or wore high heels but we can imagine, right? I used a shadow setting for my windlight to experiment and I think it came out pretty well. Hope you enjoyed the post. Details and slurls below.

Mesh hands - Casual and Mesh feet - High by Slink.
Mesh lashes - Falsies Set 1 by Mon Cheri
Mesh eyes by Ikon - Promise Collection - Starfall
Shape - Kallie by Belissima - VERY Modified.

Skin - Jade Sunkissed by PXL - Skinfair 2014 Skinpack - Petal Pink
Hair - Daisy in Chocolate with included hairbase by Emo-tions.

 Dress - Rome's Messenger in White by Soedara (part of the Duality set)
Shoes - Mata Hari by Sax Shepherd Designs - Leather Basics set

Zaia slave bracelets fatpack by Earthstones
Karina Court - Necklace and Earrings by Maxi Gossamer

Poses - Ploom, assorted sets
Backdrop - Katink, part of the Grungey walls sets


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