Monday, April 14, 2014

Arrghh... a spring time cold is so not fun...

It's been nearly a week since my last post and my only excuse is that I "hab a code in by nose". I catch everything that comes along, germs are magnetically attracted to me or something.

I've had these snapshots on my hard drive for days and just now felt like getting them ready to post. As always, unless otherwise stated, my pics are merely cropped and arranged. I do not edit for anything else. What you see here is what you get in world. I use analu avataropt whiter windlight setting and that's all. I use a fairly high graphics setting with anti aliasing on but that's all. Please note you can get much bigger views of my pictures by going to my flickr page. (it does often take me a little time after I post on blogger to get the pictures up on flickr but it's not too long a delay)

This is just a springy pretty outfit I put together with pieces from Sn@tch plus various accessories. Sn@tch has been one of my favorite stores in SL now for a long time, simply because Ivey offers great value for the money, several colors in a pack of each item or outfit. She also makes things that I think she would wear herself and I find her clothing very wearable and fun. These two items, the top and skirt were not made to wear together but I think they go together quite nicely.

The top comes in a range of colors with LOLA appliers included and the ruffle as a separate attachment.  There are eight colors in total in the pack and they are called Annika. There's a lovely little silver lace detail on the bodice that I matched a bit with my jewelry choices.

My skirt is mesh and is just so charming with the little flower applique on front and back and the mixed denim/floral fabric look.This skirt comes with an optional belt which I didn't wear, and the pack includes 7 colors. This is the Rae skirt and I am wearing both items in peach.

The shoes I'm wearing with this are just the kind of shoes I like to wear in the summer time. I go bare foot around the house, especially in summer, so I like to have this type of style to slip on when I need to go get the mail or go to the store etc. 

These are by Sax Shepherd Designs, I've mentioned this shop before. These are the Flirt Cross Strap Mules in Leather. I bought the whole pack of Leather Basics and they come with a hud to change the straps, the inner sole, the outer sole etc. These are made for the Slink Medium foot. I set mine to this creamy tan color which seemed like a nice option for spring and summer wear.

In this pic you can see the silver detail on the bodice I mentioned, and I'm wearing the absolutely delightful Cupcake jewelry set from Cae with this outfit. You have metal and gem change options with this set and I set mine to silver and also multi, meaning that the script automatically makes your gem choices multi so instead of all one color it's mixed. So cute.

I am a huge fan of Cae's jewelry and have several sets now. I believe this is the first one I bought and I still love it. Who doesn't love cupcakes!  The set comes with rings also but those are not worn. You can't see the earrings because of my hair but they are just as lovely and wearable as the bracelets and necklace.

My skin is the beautiful Ivy from Lara Hurley skins which I bought during Skin Fair. I am very partial to Lara Hurley's skins and have been for a long time now, I tend to rush to try on each new release and every single one always is gorgeous. I really loved Evon but I think I love Ivy even more. The fatpack comes with lipsticks, beauty marks, choice of eyebrows, cleavage layers and appliers for hands and feet. The appliers for breasts and booty are sold separately but are very reasonably priced and you get all tones at once which is great since I bought two different skin tones of this skin!

The hair I'm wearing is from Lelutka and I have to tell you I kept staring at it because the hair texture is just so pretty and shiny, like real hair! It also comes in small/medium/large for breast sizes and I'm pretty sure I'm wearing the L here and you can see it fits very nicely over my Mirages. The style is called New, and I'm wearing it in Bourneville from the Naturals pack. Hairbases are sold separately for Lelutka hair and I am just wearing one I have from Action Hair which I like very much with it. See below for that info.

The hip belt I'm wearing is made like those candy necklaces we used to get when we were kids. I believe they were offered at the Big Show or maybe the Azz show before the two merged. It's called Hip Candy and is by Geek. There are several varieties, at the time I think I bought all the ones there were as I love hip belts and I loved the idea of this. I think this is the Sugar Crush pack, it's been a few days since I took these shots and I didn't get to make a list as I usually do of what I was wearing. All of the varieties come with a resizer, in my case I have to resize down a bit and then move the belt itself up but that literally takes just a few moments.

My nail appliers which I tried to make sure and show since I like them so much, are by ZoZ. They are a former Designer Circle offering, and are from the Spring Silver 2014 set. I think I might have mentioned this set before. I'm definitely enjoying ZoZ's entry into the nail polish applier market as I've seen some great things. They offered nail polishes with Peeps on them for Easter!

As you can maybe tell I took more shots than I really needed, lol. I just enjoyed this outfit a lot, simple and cute and fresh for spring. I also made a new profile picture from one of the shots I took. This one HAS been retouched unlike all the other pictures on this post.

Mesh Hands and Mesh Feet - Casual/Medium Respectively by Slink.
Mesh Breasts - Mirage by LoLas
Mesh Lashes - Falsies Set 1 by Mon Cheri
Mesh Eyes - Promise by Ikon, various colors, currently Quicksilver

Skin - Ivy by Lara Hurley Skins - Tan, Natural (breast, hand, feet appliers to match)
Hair - New by Lelutka - Bourneville, Large

Top -  Annika Cropped Top, Peach with Applier and Ruffle by Sn@tch
Skirt - Rae skirt in Mesh by Sn@tch, without included belt - Peach/Medium
Shoes - Flirt Cross Band Mules by Sax Shepherd Designs - Leather Basics Pack set to tan

Hair Base 01 by Action - Mocha (Veganic)
Eyeshadow - Shimmer Shadows (Part of the Harley Skin set) Peach skin tone/ Gold with Wing by Pink Fuel
Lipstick - Tender Kisses in Salmon by Blacklace Beauty
Moles - PXL, Medium Moles from the Jade special skin set Skinfair 2014
Nail Polish Applier - ZoZ, Spring 2014 Silver

Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets - Cupcake Ensemble by Cae.
Hip Belt - Hip Candy by Geek in Sugar Rush

Poses by OOO Studio, assorted sets
Backdrop - Blurred Satin Photo Backdrops by Cupid.

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