Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Linden Lab, second life and land issues...

I have an alt, or rather more than one alt, but really one that matters. She is there for me to run a shop and create things, specifically outfits, clothing, shoes, etc.  I bought mainland land a few months ago now, probably four or so... and ever since I bought it, I've been having issues with rezzing there. It's like nothing I've ever experienced and I've been around in sl since early 2006. I've seen a lot of weird stuff. I've seen times when you couldn't rez for some reason or when you did rez the item would disappear. ,

I did the same thing with this land that I've done with land many times before. I made a land group, set the land to group and made it so only group members could rez. However, the owner of the land, me, should be able to rez there tag or no tag.

But in fact, I can't. It gives me an error saying, the owner of this land does not allow me to rez. This message is particularly annoying because I AM the owner...

I have so far reported this issue twice to Linden Labs and their sole solution was to tell me to go to the official viewer and to restart the sim. Restarting the sim does correct the issue for a temporary period of time and then it goes right back to giving me the error again. Clearly there is a bug in the server or something causing this. If that weren't the case, restarting the sim would not do any good. So it has nothing whatever to do with the viewer.

I am so annoyed by the whole thing that I can feel steam coming out of my ears. I am especially irritated by the condescending attitude of the representatives of Linden Lab. Please, I was not born yesterday!

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