Monday, February 3, 2014

Long Time No See

It's been ages since I did a blog post. Partly that's because of real life things - about which more below - and partly because I just haven't been in SL that much.

My best friend and more than friend hasn't been in SL much so I really hadn't had a lot of reason to be there. If you're reading this Paul, I miss you.

But, I'm coming back in world again.

I gave myself a make over, one of probably a million that will happen during the next three months.

Photo taken at my island area, I'm wearing Sn@tch sweater, Gawk trousers, Mood Jewelry - I think they are closed now, Catwa Hair, Hush skin, appliers, lola's mirage, luck inc's phat ass, slink's casual hands, pink fuel's pout lipsticks. - click the pic to see it correctly sized

In real life I've recently been diagnosed with diabetes and had a small heart attack. So I've been fairly ill. *sighs* Right now I have an ear infection.

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