Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Latest Craze - Piercings...

One of the many things I enjoy about Second Life is the opportunity to "Try on For Size" different concepts, body modifications, life styles even that I might not want to try in First Life.

For a long time I've been curious about different types of piercings in SL but other than earrings and a belly ring I'd pretty much stayed with just curious.

But recently a brand called "Cute Poison" has really caught my eye because their piercings are cute, well done, modifiable, and come with a texture change hud that you can use to change the various parts of the piercing group to match your mood or outfit.

So, I've found two piercings that I plan to be wearing a lot from this brand, well three really but I'm only showing two.

The Stellar Piercing combines a sort of bindi type center star and stud arrangement with pretty studs and stars around the eyes. In First Life, I'd be -terrified- to attempt to get this kind of piercing set up, too close to the eyes and as a newly diagnosed Diabetic, I am just  not that crazy about having needles all over my face.

But it's so pretty here!

(Picture of me wearing the above described piercing, credits and links below)

I also am wearing the Quixotic Piercing which is again stars and studs against the collarbone area in a pretty and becoming arrangement. Imagine if you could just stick these on and they'd stay?

(Please ignore the slight disconnect between my boobs and my skin, sometimes matching is the bane of my existence )

Finally I bought a Hip Accent Piercing set for when I wear jeans or pants that are low... so pretty and again, I'd never buy them or get them in First Life. I've read too many horror stories. eek.

I'd really love more colors on these piercings, so I'm hoping Sae Luan, the owner behind Cute Poison will make more. :D

And just because I can, here's my total look today.

Click all pics for a bigger view if you so desire.

Shape - much modified from Belissima by Paty Larimore.
Skin - Evon pale pink by Lara Hurley fatpack includes slink, phat azz and tango appliers yippee
Hair - Yeah from Point B by Queue Marlow - light blonds pack - still some of the best hair on the grid imho
Makeup Layers -
Lipgloss - Pout 50 percent Berry Smoothie from Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena (part of the Pinks Glossy Pout collection)
Lashes - MC Falsies Pack 1 from Mon Cheri by Freya Oliveri - I am in love with these lashes, they are mesh, come with a hud for lots of eyelash style choices and colors. I'm wearing the glitter version.
Eyes - Ikon Spectral Eyes Nymph - by Ikon from Ikon Innovia (just a note that these are mesh eyes and they come with a hud for adjusting. I'm thinking I Need a lighter eye color )
Dress - Banje Mesh Cardigan Dresses - Pinks by Blueberry from Blueberryxx Resident. - I am a huge huge fan of this shop which I recently discovered. Lovely mesh creations with Tango/Mirage appliers at reasonable prices. I bought the fatpack, this comes with the cardigan in dark or light versions of the pink in this case, with or without the dress, appliers for all versions and a hud for changing the color of the dress.  In other words I could wear the cardigan with a tank and a skirt or something instead of the dress. so much win.
Jewelry -
Piercings by Cute Poison from Sae Luan.
Earrings and Necklace - Ritzy Shimmer Pearl Necklace and Earrings by MG from Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets and Anklets - though you can't see those - Pearly Girly Leg and Wrist Jizz (lol) from HolliPocket by Holli Thespian.
Shoes - again you can't see them, but they are the Sublime in Teal by NCore from Claire Messenger (i set the heel and bow to pink, made a great match for the dress.)
All of these designers are people I buy from regularly so check 'em out!

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