Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Rose Princess Hunt... or Petra's Adventures Hunting part 1

Let me start out by saying.. I am not a huntress. Athena did not bless me with any particular hunting powers. In fact, I think I got negative hunting powers.

Don't get me wrong, I can figure out the clues and things usually, I just am not the best at hunting. So, I'm not a big hunt fan in sl. Especially because of things like this.

I made a little gif to underscore what I'm trying to show. The hunt object is teeny tiny in this great big room full of boxes. There's me so you can see what I mean. Without some judicious use of radar and area search, I never would have found half the prizes - at least. Because who can find these dinky little objects in a great big room like that, seriously?

Here's the sign for the hunt which I snitched from the hunt blog.

I was attracted to this hunt for a few reasons. I initially saw the sign at a jewelry store I like to go to, Zuri's Jewels. I've been buying jewelry at Zuri's for a few years now so when I saw that a really lovely choker was Zuri's gift in the hunt, I really wanted to try to get it.  Zuri has the earrings and bangles in mm boards so you can end up with the whole set for free ... not too shabby I think. Here's a pic of the choker which again I snitched from the hunt site.

On top of it, I read the information and part of the purpose of the hunt is to call attention to a new RP sim called Oras de Noapte or City of Night. From what I could tell it is patterned after or from Vampire Hunter D. I was intrigued by this because I'm a pretty big role play fan and I wouldn't mind finding a new place to RP. Plus, the theme of the hunt is NeoVictorian and I love that kind of style. 

The hunt is hud based. You purchase a hud for 50L, and it attaches of course and as you click each rose in turn, it gives you the slurl and clue for the next. You cannot skip around on this hunt, you have to do each one in turn. I did think the hunt was kind of big on my display but other than that it worked perfectly.

You can also see the hints here. And the prizes here.

Although I wanted the choker, and I do think a few of the other items are really exceptional prizes, what I really enjoyed the most about the hunt was the scenery on the sim. Absolutely gorgeous stuff.

So here's fifteen pics of views from the hunt.

SHP aka super huge pic

Of course I had to try out the poses!  SHP

I think I may just try to participate in the rp when it opens. :)

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