Saturday, March 1, 2014

"I look like a refugee from the 80's"

The title of this post is something I said to a friend as I was changing clothes. I had been lamenting how I feel that often system layer clothing in sl recently seems to be suffering under a delusion that a body suit is a dress. And also that there seems to be a general fear of flexi. In my opinion, flexi could really be used to accentuate mesh, especially in cases where a fit is trying to be made over an attachment like a booty.

So, when I got dressed, using a really nice body suit and leggings that I'd won in a midnight mania at Virtual Attire, I started layering on other things. I ended up wearing a belt, a shredded flexi skirt and a jacket.

Thus bringing up the comment from the title.

Here's a shot of me and my friend on my pier shortly before he showed me around some animation places. We ended up trying a ton of dances at There In Spirit, which was a new to me dance place. Had a nice time just chatting and trying animations.

I have a kind of a rant or an opinion about a few things since it's now Friday and the weekend brings with it a ton of sales and events to hit up. As I was running around at various places, I couldn't help but have this thought over and over. So I'll post on that separately. Do want to also offer a shout out to Seraphim SL which does yeoman service in terms of letting people in SL know about sales and events around the grid. I check Seraphim regularly and it saves me missing out on a lot of good buys as well as just missing out on seeing cool things.

When I finally get my layout worked out here, I'll be putting Seraphim on my blog roll for sure. (this was not a paid endorsement, lol)

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