Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's also 25L Tuesday

25L tuesday started out as a Gorean or Fantasy Role Play event but in my opinion it's well worth checking out, no matter how mainstream you may think you are. Because there's always some very very nice things to find.

Here's the 25LTuesday blog.

I'm not going to talk much about the clothes that are on offer because there's only about 3 hours left until it's Wednesday and theoretically all the goodies will be gone then. But the idea is simply that every tuesday a selection of designers put out at least one item priced at 25L.

This week there's a little more than that and also the day is sponsoring RFL. As in buy an item for 25l and the proceeds go to RFL. Not too shabby eh?

This picture is basically why you don't want to skip 25L Tuesday. 

That house? 25L item at Virtual Whimsy It comes with most of the garden flowers and trees that you see as well.

 The small tree in the far left corner, 25L item from Tiar

The arched path out in front which I forgot to take a closer shot of, is 25L item from United Inshcon.

 The pair of lions and the bench with planters are two separate items, both 25L apiece from Poliak's Emporium. And they are animated.

Okay okay, you got me. I cheated a little bit. The chair, rug and table with books are not from 25LT, instead they are from CoLab and the whole set is 60L. But Roawenwood, the maker, is on the 25LT list   The books on the floor with the cat and reading pillow is another CoLab item from Poliak's Emporium.

That hutch there in the back is from Fabled. 25LT item.

This sideboard here is also a 25LT item from Fabled.

The basket is a 1L item from Circa.

On top of the sideboard is one of my favorite things from this 25LT. It's a Healer's Carousel from Kei's Spot. The jars are editable and contain "herbs". When clicked the jar gives information on the herb it contains. Seriously cool imho.

This Gossip Breakfast table is also from Kei Spot. It gives you various items like a tea cup to go with the animations. The flowers on the mantel are the 25L item from DDD.

I know most people don't put a pergola inside the house but the pinkish tones and shape seemed to go well here. This also is a 25L item from Kei Spot.

Here's a few shots of me. My harem-esque outfit is one of the 25LT items from Una's 
 It comes with the texture top, mesh bottom, hip belt, necklace (with or without sound) and a bracelet. My only complaint is that I wish the maker had taken the time to make a boob applier as well.

I am wearing Slink flat feet and sandals from Pure Poison. Over the weekend these were sold to group members at half price, three colors for $125L. Group membership is free and there are tons of gifts out front. I don't know if the half price deal is still going on or if it was just for the weekend however.

I'm wearing the Emma hair from Wasabi Pills in Wild Honey. Skin is Evon in Dark Tan in natural (fatpack comes with all appliers) from Lara Hurley skins. Lipstick layers are Ginevra from Izzies in dark red layered under Venetian Red Mizu Lipgloss from Mock Cosmetics. I'm also wearing the Winged Shimmer Eyeshadow (Latte) from Harley fatpack in Latte by Pink Fuel

My eyes are the Promise eyes in Glass from Ikon.

My poses are from !bang and Exposeur.

Backdrop for last three shots is from KaTink, part of the Calas Spring set.

Poses with Furniture are part of that furniture piece. You have time to get yourself some bargains yet. :)

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