Monday, March 10, 2014

Rainbows and Unicorns...

I'm sorry I haven't really posted for the most part of the last 7 days or so. That's not really like me. I've been sick and what I thought previously was the flu turns out to be... dun dun dun.. aspartame poisoning/allergy/reaction/ye gods this shit made me so sick I wanted to die.  I won't go into a lot of detail about it because a) reactions to aspartame such as is found in many artificial sweeteners and artificially sweetened items are widely varied, b) I don't want to get sued, and c) It really is up to each individual.

I will just say that for the better part of three weeks I have been gradually getting more ill, I'd think I was getting better, go back to the product that was making me sick and each time be a bit more ill. I thought it was this dreadful stomach flu going around but no... it's this other thing.

Here is just one of dozens of articles about the dangers and/or reactions/side effects insert word of your choice .. of aspartame. I am a recently diagnosed, as in not even quite three months ago, diabetic and was using the product in question as a substitute for my usual intake of sweet tea, lemonade etc. I am from the US South and I really kind of dote on my tea but I'd rather take my chances with sugar than go through the horrid stuff I've gone through recently.

It honestly was so bad I considered doing an sl picture of my avatar barfing but then I decided that was too gross.

So I'm settling for talking about Unicorns barfing rainbows. The below art is by MokonoLovesMochi on DeviantART.

I was going to dress up as a unicorn and get a rainbow prim to have coming out of my mouth but to be honest, I'm literally too tired to do it. My unicorn outfit is a former limited edition from QE that's no longer available and was cute as hell. It's already got a rainbow tail and such so it would fit right in. I just don't have the energy.

I did a little search on the whole trope/meme of barfing rainbows and evidently it started back in 2006 when a blogger talked about a visit to Little Tokyo and described packaging as looking like someone vomited rainbows all over it. Source.

Everyone seems to be gearing up for St. Patrick's Day and here's a little headshot of me sporting a bit of lime green in honor of all that green beer a lot of people will be drinking in a week's time.

I feel really guilty cause I haven't done a lot of anything so, here's also one shot of the total look and again I apologize for my lackage ... it couldn't be helped.

Bigger views 1 and 2
-the basics - stuff I generally wear all the time
-shape - Kallie by Belissima, very modified
-hands - Slink AvEnhance mesh hands - I think here  I'm wearing one flat and one elegant. I tend to try to mix them up.
-feet - Slink AvEnhance mesh feet - High
-breasts - Lolas  Mirage mesh breasts
-booty - Ghetto Bootty v01 by Ursula Luckless - ULukie
-lashes - MC Falsies Lashes set 1 by Mon Cheri

 -the body
-skin - Mimi by Al Vulo in sunkissed, includes all appliers - side note that I felt this skin was a little more pixelated than I normally see in Al Vulo skins, your mileage may vary.
-hair - Jessica Rainbow mesh hair from Catwa - I'm using the v3 ombres
-makeup layers -
-eyeshadow - Charm Eyeshadows by Pekka in Lime
-lipstick - Ginevra Lipstick by Izzies in Raspberry - this set gives you several  lipstick colors in different skin tone varieties - I'm using the natural-sunkissed version
hairbase - Blonde by Miss C

-the outfit
top and bottom are both by Sn@tch - to my great delight Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch released several Ghetto Booty applier huds for her special of the week. I honestly was ridiculously happy to find these
-pant - Cage Match PVC jeans in Lime- comes with a hud for booty appliers and also pant leg cuffs for the pants.
-top - Adora top and warmer sleeves - Lime - the top is actually black and includes the warmer sleeves that have the lime green trim. Full disclosure here, these sleeves do not seem to have been made with mesh hands in mind as my hands have a tendency to clash with the sleeves about  1/3 or so from the bottom. I did a little photoshop magic to correct that for the picture.
-shoes- Gabrielle platform heels by Slink in Black

necklace - chain ring necklace in black by Pekka
piercings - both by Cute Poison - Stellar - the forehead piercing set and Quixotic, the collarbone set.
nail polish - slink nail polish by Pekka - Xtreme Metallic set to black

Poses are by DieselWorks from the Vixen set

Please note that all slurls are taken directly from the creators' profile if at all possible.

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