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Skin Fair! - part 1 - The Sugar Garden Eun-Seo

Well, I ventured out to Skin Fair and promptly overloaded my brain with all the many different looks and creative expressions of this ephemeral thing we call beauty. It's three sims worth of goodness, my dears, and you can grab a large number of demos from the Skin Addiction group notices to save you some time. However if you're like me, that will just make things harder because there's so much good stuff there.

The link above will take you to the Skin Fair official web page where you can find a map and slurls to the event. It lasts from the 14th, yesterday, until the 30th.

As it says there, please DO strip down in terms of scripted objects etc. MODA, one of the sponsors of the event has offered a script free outfit including a mesh hair as a gift which you can grab in the notices of the group mentioned above or from a board at the event. I wore part of that outfit, the pants and shoes and hairbase, and an older hair of mine I could strip the script out of easily and had no problems navigating the fair and passing the script counters at the entrance to the event. I also used the built in ao that firestorm has and just dropped in a walk and a stand, and used that rather than my regular ao, so I didn't have to walk like a duck and still could be low script.

But now, let me show you the first skin I bought. In a sense this is new to me, since I have always felt that The Sugar Garden's skins were a little too doll like for my taste. But I really liked this offering and so here you go. I am wearing this in tone E. Please note that you do have to go to the main store and grab the appliers because they don't come with the skin. You do get tons of brow options, a tintable beauty mark layer, tintable freckles, two body types and busty or non busty options.

Her face is just so sweet, it's irresistible. I'm also a Kpop fan and the name Eun Seo rang bells with me. It made me wonder if the name might be after Kpop idols? Like Eunji from APink or Seohyun from Girl's Generation?  Just a wild thought. Anyway, she's precious and I love her. I know it's the style to show off the body with new skins but I'm just going to leave that to you going and trying it on yourself.

I went today and picked up the V2 of the Ghetto Booty which I'm wearing here, little bit  less junk in the trunk in this version, little bit less thickness in the thighs. It's made for a 0 body fat/0 belly size avi but I cheated a little with about 3 on the body fat slider and thought it still looked fine. I put it on  before I put the alpha layer on and the main differences I saw between it and the avatar body was curvier more realistic thighs and the same for the derriere.

I'm wearing clothing from Sn@tch. As  I mentioned to my great happiness, Sn@tch has begun making Ghetto  Booty applier clothing and these jeans are actually in the riot vendor. So if you get some friends together you could snag a whole pack of colors with the cuffs and the applier for the GB (or system layers) for around 50L

The top with included tango hud is also in a riot vendor with a bunch of colors available for a tiny price with enough people gathered. I really love the sweet texture collar on the top as well as the sculpted sleeves that ... like the sculpted pant cuffs make these items look finished. I cannot stress enough that I really wish more designers making applier inclusive clothing would not skip the little details like this. Small touches can have a big impact and make the outfit look finished properly.

The one problem I had with wearing these two pieces as a set is that there's no underpant applier for the GB so that the shirt  looks properly tucked in. It's no big deal and certainly can be worn like this with a little bit of tummy showing, I just mention in the interest of completeness.

The hair I'm wearing here is from Eater's Coma. It's Hair #23 in Chestnut and I can tell already it's going to be a firm favorite. I just love how it sits on the head and against the shoulders.

I'm wearing a hairbase with it from Illmatic, the smoothed baby hairs base in Chestnut that just so happens to match very well. You can't get these bases in singles, you have to buy the whole pack but I think it's so worth it to give that little extra touch.

My jewelry is from Izzie's. This is the Butterfly Jewelry set in Creme which is on offer at the Liaison Boutique. There are other colors available but I picked this creme color to pick up the browns and ivories in the rest of the outfit. It matches so well, there are even butterflies in the print on the jeans!

The set comes with earrings, bracelets, rings, and the necklace in three lengths. I'm wearing the medium length here.

I also just want to mention real quick that my nail polish is from elephante poses. The shop is having a sale on selected poses, cosmetics and nail appliers - half off! This is from the Cruel Summer set and I used the same polish on my toes as well.

Hopefully this picture shows you how pretty and delicate this jewelry set is and how nice these nail polish appliers are. I really love them both!

Incidentally all my poses for this post are from elephante as well, but I do want to mention that another pose shop is having a sale also, Exposeur, so lots of great poses on offer for cheap this weekend from both places.

I'm wearing Slink hands and feet of course, the casual set for my hands and the high feet. My shoes are by Hucci, the new Payson sandals.  Here's a detail pic so you can see how awesome these are.

Some things I wear almost always.

Mesh Breasts - Lolas Mirage
Mesh Booty - Ghetto Booty v2 by Ursula Luckless for uLuckie
Mesh Hands and Feet - Slink, see slurl above
Mesh Lashes - Falsies Set 1 by Mon Cheri
Eyes - Ikon Mesh Eyes - Promise Collection  Glass
Shape - Kallie by Belissima (VERY Modified)

Skin - Eun-Seo by The Sugar Garden tone E - Bust - Brown currently only at the Skin Fair. - see link above for slurls and info
Hand, Feet, etc Appliers also from The Sugar Garden
Hair - Eater's Coma, Hair 23 in Chestnut - see slurl above
Hairbase tattoo - Illmatic - Brushed Baby Hairs - chestnut - see slurl above

Top - Sn@tch - Danielle sweater in Khaki with lolas applier, currently on the riot vendor
Pants - Sn@tch - Springtime Floral Jeans with Ghetto Booty applier, currently on the riot vendor
Shoes - Payson sandals by Hucci, prime collection

Jewelry - Butterfly Jewelry set in Creme by Izzie's at the Liaison Boutique
Makeup Layers -
 Medium Taupe Cotton Candy makeover -lips and eyes - from Mock Cosmetics
Camelot Mizu Lipgloss - Mock Cosmetics
Love My Eyes Liner and Mascara Medium - Boom
Nailpolish applier by elephante, part of the Cruel Summer set 

All poses by elephante, see slurl above
Backdrop by Katink, part of the mottled set

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