Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to make Phat Azz/Cute Azz appliers work for Ghetto Booty...

I thought I'd do a little something different because I've seen a lot of friends and group members talking about the difference between these butts and also how to use these appliers with Ghetto Booty. It's explained in the notecards that come with Ghetto Booty but, sometimes seeing pictures makes it easier to understand, so here goes.

**Couple of Important Notes. The Ghetty Booty comes in 3 versions now, all have demos.

V1 is made for a size similar to the Phat Azz.

V2 is made for a size similar to the Cute Azz, with a size 0 body fat and a size 0 belly. I actually cheated and got away with about a size 3 body fat but your mileage will vary.

V3 I have not tried but it's a horse of another color.

At the U L u k i e shop where Ghetto Booty is sold, you will also see a free designer applier kit. I bought one and I use it to make my ghetto booty appliers as it's just easier to start with a totally fresh applier every time.

Here's a look at my inventory:

You can see the applier kit, plus my various appliers that I've made and that I've labeled them so I know what the heck it is when I want to wear that item again.

On the floor there you can see an example "Azz" applier and also an example Booty applier.

Now you can see that I have my edit window open on the Azz applier and you can see the content tab. In the content tab, if it's skin it will say config_skin on the notecard. If it's pant it'll say config_pant, if it's under pant it'll say config_underpant.

Now, what you want to do is you want to take that config notecard and slide it into your inventory. It's smart to try to put it in the folder of the outfit you're trying to set up the applier for, but just somewhere you can find it. I've seen these cards sometimes no copy, sometimes no modify and sometimes like this just plain. So be careful you don't lose the card.

In the screen cap above, you can see that now the notecard is in the inventory folder, and I'm now editing the Booty applier. If you are taking a new applier like I suggested above, it already has a notecard in it. You will need to delete that, as you see here. 

Now you can see I've taken the old notecard out, and put the config pant card in. You can also see the local chat where the applier tells me first that it can't find a notecard, when I take the old one out. Then it says it has the azz notecard and tells me it's ready for shipping, when I put the config card in.

At this point, I go back to the general tab on the Booty applier, and name it something to match the dress or pant or skin or whatever that I just made this applier for. I make sure to say it's pant or underpant layer too so I know exactly what this is. Then I take it back into inventory, wear and click to apply.

And that's all there is to it. I hope this helps make it more clear!

The house I'm in, in these pictures is by Funky Junk, a prefab builder I love.  It's the Sandpiper Cottage.

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