Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here's my rant... Please make appliers for boobs and booty and whatever else kthanx.

Friday is a big sale/event day and I hit up a bunch. With the aid of note cards, group chatter and my trusty Seraphim, I visited several places - stores from 50L Friday, Designer Warehouse, Room 69, Colors of Spring Event, The Fantasy Room, Genre etc.

Let me add a big fat Disclaimer here. I know it's impossible to make an applier for all things, certainly for some mesh items. I buy quite a few mesh skirts and jeans and wear them without my Booty for this reason. So I'm not knocking that.

BUT, I find it completely bewildering why more creators don't make appliers for their items, especially for the breasts. I realize the creator would have to buy the boobs first and maybe not everyone is crazy about mesh attachments or large boobs  or whatever. But I know two creators in SL who are going strong making applier included clothing who do not wear the boobs etc on their own avatars except when doing advertisements etc. If they can do it, well so can everyone else.

And they report that the bust clothing business is well... busting out all over. So, not only is it perplexing, it's downright ... silly to me.

(Pictures are unrelated to the rant - I'm just demonstrating that people buy stuff. More info about this look below. )

See Pic Bigger.

It's a simple equation,

"Le make the appliers = moar Customers"

"Moar Customers = Moar Money"

You can even charge extra for the appliers, that's what Gawk and Deetalez and some other places do.

so now you can make "Moar Money" Twice!

Same goes for booty appliers. And nail polish. Do you realize how many nail polish appliers I buy? Let me tell you, it's lots. You can make ze money.

So please please please make appliers when you make system layer aka texture clothing. Your linden wallet will thank you. Just ask Virtual Attire for example.

....I never got to finish this post which I started last night 3/1/2014 and frankly I've had a really bad day so I'm gonna leave it at that.

I decided to make a separate post about this outfit, cause really it deserves one.

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