Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why are you like this - Appliers no mod, really?

This is an opinion. Everyone has one. Don't have to agree.

The other day I made a quick tutorial on how to take out the config notecards in azz appliers and put them in ghetto booty appliers so you can wear those items.

Today as I was getting dressed, I found that the applier for the pants I wanted to wear was made NO MOD. What that means is that I couldn't take the notecard out to put it in my Booty Applier.

Now. I'm not going to name names because that's rude and I'm not a rude person.

But I gotta tell you, these jeans, I had purchased almost every color at a price that was not tiny. Not the highest but not the tiniest either. And having this designer do this really made me angry. And to  be honest, it made me feel as if this was petty. Even though I have a preference for what booty I like best, I don't go around telling people what booty to wear. I give my opinion and let that be that. But to prevent me from wearing your garment with the booty of my choice? That's mean. Especially since you are not making an applier for the butt I like best.

And being mean, that makes kittens sad.  Photo from here.

Needless to say, this incident has made me less inclined to shop at that store again. Your mileage may vary.

And that's all she wrote. Back to the fashion soon. <3 thanks for reading.

Edited to add: Let me be clear. I have no problem with the config card itself being made no mod or no copy if the designer wants to protect the uuid that's written on it. That's their choice. I've even mentioned that in the tutorial I cited above. What I don't like is making the applier OBJECT no mod so that I can't take out the card to use it in another applier. And I would only want to take the card out in cases where the designer does not make an applier for the mesh butt I want to wear.

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