Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clubbin' the Petra Way

As I said, I went out the other night... I don't know a lot of places to go really - and I'm not a fan of places where everyone is on voice nor am I crazy about being in a void where no one ever talks.

So I usually end up going to House of V, which is where I went. ...

Now, let me just say... I like V in general. There's always people there. There's always music and people *TALKING* in chat and those are big pluses. Nothing I hate worse than dancing in a club and nobody is talking. It's just weird. I really do not like voice, both because I have anxiety issues and because I really feel that when voice came along, it created a separation and people became either the voice people or the non voice people. And non voice people such as moi get looked at askance, as if we might be non voice because we have something to hide. Well no, I just have anxiety issues around being in voice and I don't need my relaxation time to have that on top of it.

Plus it just irks me for someone to feel entitled to my "proof" of what my gender is or whatnot before they will talk to me. "Well gee fella, I'm not tryin' to marry ya for a casual club conversation, okay?"

I do have some opinions on V and how they do things... that I don't really care for, especially the whole.. "Hi .. I am a solid gold DOM (because I paid 1k a month to be one) and therefore I am entitled to claim your butt if I so desire." BUT, since they also allow one to set ones own claiming limits, I've found it's pretty easy to get around that by simply saying that a claim does not entitle anyone to sexual favors from me. A guy can claim me all night long, he's getting a dance and conversation, that is all.

But anyhoo... it's a good place, spacious, adult verified, djs and so on. So I went, and I actually had a pretty good time. Met a few people that were new to me, had some decent conversations. Got to try out my dances that are in my new AO - Vista is really doing good work I feel with their recent aos and dance animations. I also found that I could add my own dances to the AO and have a ready built dance hud without having to add another hud to my view. That was a big nice thing, sadly most dances are no copy so when I switch aos I will have to move dances around but since I don't change aos around too often it's not too big a hassle.

Also kind of as a side note, I haven't been completely happy with either the Phat Azz ... which was a little too "phat" for my tastes... or the Cute Azz which was almost not big enough. (I sound like a butt Goldilocks right? This butt was too big and this butt was too small but this butt was just right!?)

In fact, I've switched to the Ghetto Booty and I love it. I really do think it's just right, and with just a little work all the Phat Azz appliers work fine. So... I said all of that, so I could show you this...*laughing*

So this is my top half as I was dressed for clubbing. I'm pictured in front of my lovely tropical oasis thingie on my sl land.  Super Huge size pic.

And these are the total look as they say on those top model shows. SHP

Also just want to give a quick shout out to Label Motion. I've been really enjoying using their poses, especially because each pose set comes with a hud and a pose stand. I used the hud on these shots and as you can see they came out quite nicely.  More info on my outfit after the jump if you care.

And just as an added bit of detail, my landscaping here is all by Bee Designs.

the deets

the basics -
shape - Belissima (VERY modified) Kallie
skin - Evon Tan Smokey by Lara Hurley Skin
eyes - Promise Mesh eyes in Glass by Ikon
lashes - MC Falsies set 1 by Mon Cheri
mesh hands (and feet when worn) by Slink
mesh boobs - Mirage Lolas by Lolas
mesh butt - Ghetto Booty 01 by Ursula Luckless

the body -
Hair - Rowan Light Blondes by Truth Hair
Makeup Layers -
Pout Lipgloss in Love by Pink Fuel
Manicure applier by Flair - sorry I don't remember which set this time

the outfit -
Top - Exotics Top pack - Gold -  by Graffitiwear
Shorts - Miss Canning Sasha Shorts Pack - Dark Blue
Shoes - Barletta - Black Patent by Simular

the accessories
belly chain - booty chain in gold by Arise
earrings - mirror ball earrings by Pomposity
bracelets - metallic multicolored bracelets by Pomposity
piercings - stellar and quixotic by Cute Poison

poses - Cassie set by Label Motion

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