Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blog bizness and a quick shout out...

If you've visited before then you probably are wondering if I've lost my mind because I keep changing my blogger template layout - which incidentally keeps making me lose all my gadgets and blogroll etc. Who knew?

This is because I keep either finding something wrong with the template or deciding I want something different.  (Incidental side note, I did a search for the origin of the quote... "It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind." and though this sticks in the mind in almost folkloric kind of way, I could find no origin or author... the best I came up with was a White Diamonds commercial from the nineties which had the tag line... "It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind... and a man's to change it back." Let me just add I think this whole thing is rather sexist and everyone changes their mind based on new information and new experiences and so they should. As one's world view changes, one's opinions must change too)

And so it has gone with the blog thing. I learn more and realize I want a different template. So the blog layout is still a work in progress.

Also, because I'm a vampire... in my case being  a Twilight-like sparkle-pyre would be just fine for me. I realize most "true" vampires scorn this sparkle thing but hey... I'm a sparkly girl. No really though, I am kind of a vampire, I have sleep problems and often end up staying up half the night and not sleeping until the sun begins to peer up over the horizon.

But because I'm a vampire, I went to House of V last night. At 3 am eastern it wasn't too crowded, they had a good DJ going (hey Dracona!) and I got to try out the dances in my new ao - of which more later.

I also met some charming fellows for once, and had a lovely time chatting away. So shout out to M and I. *waves*

Here's a quick snap of me as I was coming home from clubbing. Next post will have the details of my fabulous outfit.

Click here to see the largest version of the pic, since the blog layout doesn't really allow large sizes.

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