Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pet Peeve #Ilostcount - Crappy Hunt Gifts

Okay, don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about gifts that are just not my style or whatnot. I'm talking about those times when it's incredibly obvious this is not the same quality as the items for sale in the store.

I remember a while ago now, a big and well known store would have in the for sale items, all layers and all kinds of add ons in the box. It was not a cheap store. And every time they participated in a hunt, their hunt gift would be like... one top, on one layer.

I just did a store hunt. I won't mention which store cause this is not about embarrassing them or calling them out or anything like that. This is just about me getting really tired of store owners treating the people who are doing a hunt in their store like idiots or second class citizens.

Caveat: I know that a lot of hunters can be really rude, insulting, expect everything handed to them and are generally the wart on the butt of humanity. And believe me I  appreciate a nice hunt gift so so much. Really.

I have been a store owner myself. I know how to make clothes in a general sort of way. I know how much time goes into it etc. But I also know, that for example, once you've made a top texture - it's a matter of a few minutes more to make each layer for that top. And layering options are always appreciated, yeah?

So what exactly is the logic involved in not taking that extra few minutes to at least make that top have layering options?

As I see it, on both sides of the line, i.e as both a customer and as a shop owner... hunts have two real important points.

1) As a shop owner... it may take one, two, or ten hunts before people start looking at my hunt gifts and coming back to look at my for sale merchandise. But it is guaranteed eventually people will come to look and shop if I just keep on going.

I will be helped more if my hunt gift gets blogged, hopefully more than once. I am also introducing my personal style and the quality of my items to potential new customers. So I feel it would be best for my business if I do my utmost to put out a good gift.

This seems like common sense.

2) As a hunter ...Some hunts are free but a lot of them nowadays are pay, anything from 1L to as much as 40L I've seen for hunts. That 40L one was a home decor hunt and most of the items were worth much more than 40L so I have no problem with that. I personally am in a position to not mind paying for a hunt gift rather than having it be free.

But if I pay for it, whether 1L or 5l or 10l... I expect to get a good gift. If I do get a good gift and I like it and the store owner didn't make me jump through hoops to find it... I don't mind hunting.

I do mind hunting for .01x.01 boxes hidden inside walls and stuff which you need special ninja hunter skills to find especially if the gift inside said box basically sucks.

If I like it and the store is new to me, I OFTEN go back and shop. See my previous post where I mentioned I spend a lot in SL. That store owner has gained a new customer and probably one who will return when something new is released.

But if the gift looks like you just grabbed the first cheap sculpt on mp and slapped a texture on it and called that a hunt gift... I'm going to be pissed and insulted and I won't go back if you paid me to do so. That store owner has just lost a new customer.

So, in closing, don't put out crappy low quality hunt gifts. You are hurting yourself and pissing me off.

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